Birthday Photography & Videography

Birthday Photography and Videography is a growing market for Photographers and videographers. For some cultures 16th birthday celebration is very import and some cultures 18th birthday is important. People also like to celebrate their birthdays as the grow older, such as 30th Birthday, 40th Birthday, 50th Birthday.

We have covered lots of Birthday photography in Leicester, Birmingham and London. Some people also like to invite Famous Singer on their Birthday parties. My team is capable of shooting these type of Birthday event. If you are interested please give me a call and we can work out the best photography and videography package according to your needs.

Cradle Ceremony Photography & Videography

We enjoy taking pictures of young babies enjoying they’re lovely moments. These events are normally quit simple to shoot. We use special techniques to get the quality pictures of baby with his/her parent and family members. For Cradle ceremony photography in Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby and Nottingham please contact us for a free quote.

Baby Shower Photography & Videography

For Baby Shower photography in Leicester please contact us for free quotation. This is a simple event, but it is a very important day before the big day. We like to make this day special by taking amazing pictures of parents and family members. Our pictures can be seen as a real life object, please book us in advance to avoid disappointment.

Birthday & Mix Photo Gallery

Image of Birthday Photography in Leicester Leicestershire Image of Birthday Photography in Oadby Leicester Leicestershire Image of Birthday Photography in Hamilton Leicester Leicestershire Image of Cradle Photography in Oadby Leicester Leicestershire

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